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Can’t Afford to Go on Vacation? Think Again!

Cant Afford A Vacation Think Again

Too broke to go on vacation this year? You’re not alone. The rising cost of living has many Canadians considering opting out on this year’s holiday plans. But you might not have to. If your bank account is looking a little empty but you’re in desperate need of a vacation, these tips below will help you find an amazing deal that won’t break the bank. 

Book Early

Waiting until the last minute used to work in the past, but not anymore. Traveling has become more accessible and affordable, thanks to the introduction of low budget carriers and the sharing economy which has driven down prices substantially. If you want to go on vacation, industry experts recommend booking 4 to 6 months in advance to get the best deals. If you book your hotel in advance and then wait to book your flight, the seats could sell out, resulting in major disappointment. 

Try Booking on This Day

Did you know that Sunday now offers the best rates? A recent study conducted by the ARC found that Sunday offers the best flight prices. Thursdays and Fridays are listed as the most expensive days to book, so if you’re doing a little research over the weekend, you might want to wait till Sunday to compare prices before booking.

Look for Seasonal Deals

Seasonality can also affect the price. And no matter where you plan to travel, every location will have an expensive peak season and a more affordable low season. However, you don’t always have to endure horrible weather to get a good deal. You can find some really good prices in the ‘sweet spot’ that exists right between high and low season.  For instance, if you plan to travel south to a popular beach area, you’ll spend more if you plan to travel during spring break and the wintertime. But if you can hold off till May and June, you’ll find better rates and still miss the hot, humid and rainy weather that starts in July and runs till October. So, before you book, be sure to do a little research to find those sweet spots for travel.

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