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Solo Travellers: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Group Travel Company

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Group Travel Company

Can’t get any of your friends to commit to a trip? Why not try a group tour on your next vacation? It’s an excellent way to meet new people and visit places you’ve never been to, without having to travel completely on your own. If you’re thinking “aren’t group tours only for students and retirees?” – think again! Today, group tours cater to all types of lifestyles and budgets. Here, we’ll show you how to find the right group travel company for your next trip.

Find Out Who They Cater To

With a little research, you should be able to determine who the tour group caters to. Most companies list their attendee demographics on their website, and you can also get a good idea about who their audience is by looking at their photos. Taking a few minutes to determine this will help you avoid being stuck on a party bus when you’re looking for something a little more mature and leisurely. 

Look At Their Fees

Not all tour companies are equal when it comes to their value and price. A certain tour might look like a bargain but if you don’t look closely at the rates, you could be charged for hidden fees, like single supplement charges and attraction fees that you don’t plan to use. Also, don’t forget to look into the lodging to make sure you’re not paying luxury prices to stay at 2 and 3-star hotels. 

Check Their Reviews

Look for any online reviews to find out if travellers have enjoyed their trips with the company or if anything went wrong that you should be aware of. Read each review carefully to look for some info about the lodging, safety and cleanliness, performance of the team, customer service, and how the guides addressed any problems that arose during the trip. You can also check on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and review websites like Trustpilot to find out how the company is rated.

Find Out If They Are Registered

Before booking, be sure to find out if the tour group is registered with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) or another legitimate association.  These types of organizations ensure that the company follows proper safety requirements and offers consumer protection. 

How Do They Structure Their Trips?

What type of activities do they have organized? Do they balance site visits with personal time? Make sure you understand the details of the itinerary. If there appears to be a lot of visits to malls and markets, it’s likely that the tour is going to be focused on getting attendees to spend their money instead of exploring attractions. Also, the guides who are leading the trip really can make or break the entire experience. Always perform some due diligence by researching whether they are local industry experts and how previous travelers have rated them in the past. 

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