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5 Common Misconceptions About Hostels

5 Common Misconceptions About Hostels

When you think of a hostel, do you imagine bunk beds and late-night parties? There are a lot of misconceptions that surround hostel-style traveling that prevent travelers from taking advantage of the amazing benefits you can enjoy staying here. To find out what you’re missing, here are the 5 common misconceptions about hostels that most people have. 

They’re Only for Solo Travellers

Hostels have been a preferred travel accommodation for solo travellers because they offer singles a chance to meet other like-minded individuals, but they’re not the only ones using hostels. Couples, newly-weds, and families also make up a big portion of the hostel industry. Hostels are incredibly diverse when it comes to travellers – no matter if you’re travelling alone or with others, everyone is welcome. 

They’re Best for Young People

People of all ages and backgrounds choose hostels over hotels when travelling. Hostels are often marketed to a younger demographic but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who stay there. Over the past decade, hostels have become an attractive option for older travellers looking for more affordable accommodations. Families traveling on a budget or who have had an issue with their hotel often stay at hostels as well. Hostels can vary from one to the next so if you’re concerned that you’re booking a place that only attracts 20-somethings, be sure to check the pictures only to give you a better idea of who they appeal to. 

They are Unsafe and Dirty

Not all hostels are created equal. Some will be poorly managed and run down, but most hostels are well kept and secure. Many will offer lockers to secure your valuables and have a secured entrance to keep unauthorized people out. Staff are often available around the clock to check in latecomers, patrol the area, and ensure everyone is safe and sound. And because hostels have new guests coming every day, the cleaners will need to keep the area tidy and clean more often than even hotels. In fact, a majority of the hotels will close for a few hours a day to let the cleaners do their job. To ensure you book at a safe and clean hostel, be sure to look for a place that offers locker storage, secure entry, surveillance cameras, 24/7staffing and cleaning services.

You Have to Room with Others

A majority of hostels offer a number of boarding options. The most common and most affordable is a shared room with 4 bunk beds. However, there are also semi-private rooms, private rooms, and even family options if you prefer. Some hostels even offer female-only dorms, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing with men you don’t know. Not all hostels require you to share a bathroom either, many will also offer private bathrooms for a little extra cost as well. 

It’s a Party Culture

Not all hostels have a 24-7 party culture. Yes, some have bars and provide a more social environment for others, but there are hostels that offer a more mature, quiet environment. To find these types of places look for a “lights out” policy on the website and avoid places that have an onsite bar that hosts events.

Hostels can offer travelers affordable accommodation, exciting amenities and a chance to meet others. To ensure you book the right hostel for you, always read the reviews thoroughly and check the travelers’ photos online to ensure the space is aligned with your style of travel. You can also check out our booking system at Nanak flights. Our platform searches for the best price hotel or hostel for you in all the most popular and unique destinations around the globe. You can save more money when using Nanak to use throughout your trip. Try it today!

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